Can you provide an ink drawdown?

We do not offer ink drawdowns for a couple of reasons. We match all ink colors to standard Pantone PMS colors. Because of the large number of possible ink colors (close to 2000), accurately mixing small amounts of a ink is very time consuming, and it's difficult to make in small batches with precision.

The other issue with drawdowns is that the method for rolling it on the film does not accurately replicate the way ink is applied on the printing press, so it isn't always possible to get an accurate representation of how the ink will look. 

We match all colors to standard Pantone PMS color numbers. The best method of choosing colors is to refer to a PMS color guide. We stock coated inks only, so refer to PMS "C" colors.


For more information about choosing colors, please visit our FAQ page on specifying ink colors.

If you are choosing a film color other than white, see our information about printing on colored film


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