Stock Bags

Patch handle bags, unprinted, in white LDPE, 1.75mil.  500/case

  • 15x18+4” BG
  • 20x20+4” BG

Reusable bags in stock! Comply with most bag regulations. 2

  • 12x7x22 - White  T-Shirt Bag,
  • 15x18+4" BG - White  Die Cut Handle  

Produce rolls always in stock! Rolled on 1-1/2" cores, four rolls per case. 

  • 11x14 Frosted HDPE 
  • 11x19 Frosted HDPE
  • 11x14 Clear LDPE 
  • 11x19 Clear LDPE 

"Thank You" bags are always in stock. 1000/case, printed in red on one side. 

12x7x22 - White HDPE, 0.65 mil.

Popular for grocery and retail. We stock four sizes of unprinted, white HDPE T-Shirt bags. Fits most retail rack systems. 1000/case.

Available Sizes (measurement includes handle):

  • 8x5x17 0.6 mil 
  • 12x7x22 0.65 mil 
  • 12x8x24 1.0 mil 

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